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Hi everyone. I've backpacked through Europe in the summer before, but never in the winter. I'm planning on backpacking January 2-20. Here's the itinerary as of now:
2-3 Paris
4-7 Prague (flying on Skyeurope to Prague)
8-9 Munich
10 Salzburg
11 Vienna
12-15 Budapest
16-18 Venice
19-20 Paris

I'm starting to be really worried about the time of year. Looking at average temperatures, some of the cities on our list are below freezing plus snow. Also, I've heard that some of the major charm of a lot of the places we're going is the outdoors - gardens, sitting outside at cafes, other things that aren't so nice in winter. Are there certain cities to avoid in January? Where's great to go in January?

I know the itinerary seems tight, especially the one day in salzburg one day in Vienna, but we decided to do that because Munich to Budapest passes right through both cities, so we go 3 hours from Munich and hit Salzburg, the next morning another 3 hours then hit Vienna, the next day another 3 hours and arrive in Budapest, rather than taking a long 9 hour to get straight to Budapest.

Any suggestions?
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I will be arriving Berlin on 12/31. Then head to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brugges, Brussels, Luxembourg City, then back to Frankfurt on 1/13.
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It will definitely be cold in all of those places (except maybe Venice) during that time of year, but nothing a good warm jacket couldn't take care of .

That is a tight schedule, though. For me personally, I have found that it takes me at least a day to get adjusted to any city before I can really take everything in, mentally, visually, phonetically, etc...But it is that way, only because I have mentally programmed myself to do that, unless of course, I'm enroute to my main targeted city, then I'll make quick stops along the way as a teaser for a future trip.

Have a great time !
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i love Budapest whether its in the winter or the summer! in bars along Linszt Ferenc Ter they will give you a really thick blacket to sit outside and drink your drink if thats what you want to do. There is also a great outdoor ice skating park at Hosok Ter. Where else would you want to experience some great home made soups, goulash etc with warm crusty bread with the added bonus of it snowing outside. Just make sure you pack waterproof clothes and shoes, there is nothing more unappealing then having wet feet when trying to sightsee. Going in winter also is an excellent opportunity to experience some of the fabulous museums that Budapest has to offer that you might not have done in the summer. Ones that i recommend include: the national museum at Kalvin Ter, both of he art museums at Hosok Ter. The Opera house and houses of parliament. Dont forget to visit St Stephens.
Good luck with your trip
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