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General Travel Tips and Advice Have you traveled before?- Please share your tips and advice with fellow Tpunks! See Europe by train
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Hey guys thanks for helping....

I want to go to italy and was woundering how much i woyuld need to save. i wont to travel the hole thing top to bottom and inside out for 4-6 months i want to do it not cheap but afordable i still want to be able to splurge and have fun but on the othere hand i dont wana liv like a queen i hav family there so accommodation isnt a main issue but that doesnt mean i wont be staying at hostells.

Can you help even a rough estimate about how much i should save would be greatly appreciated thatnks a million

wish me gona need it
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mad_about_italy, or for short MAI... To!!!!

Money. Money Money!!! The biggest concern for all us trav'las, how much do I need, how much will I spend, how much will things cost, How to get more, and how do I save it...Questions that plauge us no matter where we travel too...

4-5 months huh, well the costs of things may have changed sonce I was there last, 2001, the Lire was still around and the Euro was just entering cerculation, so if some of my figures are off, for give me, and I hope they will be corrected by someone who has been there more recently ( Dmac this means you !)

If your staying in hostels during the high season, you will be looking at 15E to 30E for dorm style rooms per night, now this can change when adding things like a ensuite bathroom and private accomodations in the hostel. USe of facilities (internet, laundry) will also cost a little more. But staying outside the city center will bring the cost down, and travel during the "low season" can also keep costs down.

15E a day for food on a tight budget ( supermarket food), or 30E if you wanna eat really well resturants), anything in between that will get you by.

Transport is also a big expence, if your treking through Italy only for the time you will be away, you might wanna get a Italy Flexi Rail Card This will save you some $$$ in the long run, and you will not have to worry about buying tickets while your away. This must be bought before you go away though.

Night life becomes a expencive thing to do as time goes and and the money starts to dwindle, look for bars and clubs that do not charge a cover to get in, or offer special discounts to students/hostlers

Museums & Sights cost $$$ to see inside, if you picky on what you wanna go into it should not be a problem. In italy there is plenty of things to see without going in or paying for.

If you have a student card, bring it with you for sure, you can save some pretty good coin that way.

So all in all I would say about 1000$ a month or 75E a dayas a rough guess....

I hope that helps a bit, I am sure some trav'las will have some advice as well!!!
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Hi MAI! It's me, Carisia! Thanks for your e-mail. I just want to second everything that CD has said about cost. He's right on target. What he said should be a safe bet for you, especially if you'll be able to stay w/ family at times. Definitely purchase the Italy Flexi Card for rail transportation, the International Student Card (at any Student Travel Agency "STA Council"), and a Hostelling International Card, if you'll be doing hostels. Apart from what we've already said, it's up to you in terms of bringing add'l money for spending/shopping, etc. I'm at work now, but I'll definitely e-mail you back on your question about places to go, cool? Ciao! C.
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Thanks for all your help guys it has givin me alot to think about. Cant wait to talk to you more about italy carisia(if thats ok).............. thanks
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Yeah, I'd agree with CD in that you need at least $1,000 Euros a month! You'll save money on the days that you'll sleep over with relatives, but aside from that, accommodations will take a big part of your daily budget.

Definitely, if you can, have your transportation sorted out before your trip. That too will be the biggest part of your overall budget.

Personally, I'd budget at the very least $1,500 Euros a month, or $9,000EU for 6 months. Somedays you'll spend more than others, or less, but make sure that you constantly don't go over your daily budget, or momma's gonna have to Western Union some duckie$ to ya!

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